Are You This Type of Woman?


The person who originally posted this on Pinterest said reading it made her cry, and she didn’t know why. We do…

It made her cry because it’s who she really is…and society tells her its not okay. That’s why she has to “admit it”.

The truth is she…and every woman…should be celebrating that “IT”. Women are beautiful and should like showing that off. They are fun and should have fun. They are all about relationship, and that ability to connect with people is precious. They are important and should feel wanted.

None of these things make a woman “weak”. On the contrary, they exemplify her passion, vitality and energy. They are the source of her strength. Minimising these qualities weakens her and has her be less than she is.

Women, like Men, should be celebrated for who they are naturally. That’s the message of what we do in the “Between Men and Women” Couples Relationship Retreat. That acknowledgment transforms relationships, marriages and the quality of people’s lives.

If this resonates with you…whether your a man or a woman…please share this and give people permission to be themselves!

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