March 20, 2010


*These testimonials reflect the personal results and experience of each client. Results may vary.

“I was in a pretty uncomfortable place in my marriage prior to the retreat. The retreat has given me a full understanding of clear communication and the benefits of truly showing up to my relationship with a positive attitude. I feel like my husband and I can truly take on anything the world throws at us now!”
-Crystal Hellman, Stay-at-home Mom and Hairstylist (Fox Valley, Saskatchewan)*

“I was very hopeful coming into the retreat. I wasn’t sure if our relationship could be helped. I saw that changing our communication was the most powerful way to improve our marriage. I feel more committed and more connected to my wife. I believe that this retreat will continue to improve our marriage for the entire length of it.”
-Jason Hellman, Ag Farm Manager (Fox Valley Saskatchewan)*

“Throughout the 2 days I was amazed at how little I knew of how women think. The assumptions I was making was like throwing gasoline on a fire. I believe if I use half of the stuff I learned, I will be in a ‘new’ relationship with my wife.”
-Glenn Costello (Turner Valley, Alberta)*

“Before the retreat I had a lot of angst. I didn’t think anything could help. During the retreat, it was like a fog lifted, and I started to see more clearly. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I’m okay to be me. Going forward I can allow others to be themselves, and I know how to communicate more effectively.”
-Lisa Burkard, Raindrop Facilitator (Okotoks, Alberta)*

“I arrived open-minded but skeptical. This weekend taught me so many things about who I am as a woman and what I need to survive emotionally. I also learned what my husband needs from me to help him be my rock. Everything we thought we were doing to fix our marriage was only doing more damage. This retreat will 100% change our lives!”
-Dawna Shanahan, Administration (Airdrie, Alberta)*

“I am leaving this weekend with an understanding of my role as a husband and man that I never imagined I would have. I thought I was doing everything right, and that my wife was pushing me away. I now understand the power I possess in my relationship, family and life. This has reconnected me to the positive feelings I have towards my wife. She deserves better from me, and I intend to give her just that. Thank you!”
-Curtis Shanahan, Warehouse Manager (Airdrie, Alberta)*

“This program is fantastic! It gave me some insights on women I never knew existed. It provided great communication tools too. I’m sure this program will give us the tools for a successful relationship.”
-Preston, Pipefitter (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Coming in I was maybe a little scared of being put on the spot and not having the answers. Right away Donna brought comfort and excitement to me with the information and her easy personality. This retreat has given me the tools to create and sustain our GREAT relationship.”
-Jack Paetz, Power Engineer / Business Owner (Red Deer, Alberta)*

“I left the retreat feeling more confident as a woman, and confident that we will function more consistently as a team.”
-Natalie Paetz, New Home Designer (Red Deer, Alberta)*

“I’ve got hope again. We were stuck in a terrible dysfunctional cycle. Now we’ve got new tools and skills to help us communicate better, which is such a huge part of a healthy functional relationship.”
-Erin Gudmundson, Teacher (Ft. McMurray, Alberta)*

“I was surprised to realize that I need to shift the way I approach situations and life with my husband. I can’t leave it up to him to make me happy. Excellent weekend!”
-Cheryl Anderson, RDA (Kindersley, Saskatchewan)*

“It was an easy conversation with Donna that has women be women and men be men.”
-Don Keith, Entrepreneur (Calgary, Alberta)*

“A refreshing and relaxed atmosphere that allows people to discover a new set of tools to be men / women in this world!! Loved it!!”
-Chandra Keith, Entrepreneur (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I would recommend this retreat to all my friends and family. I can’t express how grateful I am to have the chance to be a part of such a life changing journey! This workshop made me see everything in a different light and will forever change how I interact with the opposite sex.”
-Michelle Schnitzler, RTNM (Sherwood Park, Alberta)*

“Now I have a more efficient way of communicating, and I have a better understanding of the opposite sex. I understand why negativity will destroy relationships if not handled properly.”
-Mike Schnitzler, Marketing (Sherwood Park, Alberta)*

“I learned tools for how to be in conversation with my husband in a way that creates the space for each of us to not only be who we are, but also to be powerful individually and as a couple.”
-Danielle Wahl, Teacher (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Now I am clear about how women and men are different and what I need to do to be a team with my wife.”
-Mark Perrin, Engineer (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This retreat helped connect me to other couples experiencing similar difficulties and validated some feelings and my process. The gender differences theme was very helpful in understanding our crisis management methods.”
Helen Duncan, Retired (Fort McMurray, Alberta)*

“I never felt any judgement. My new knowledge of men has given me empathy. I feel more confident now, and I feel like my marriage is worth working on. We also have a better understanding of each other’s feelings.”
-Chelsey Hudkins, Community Support Worker (Lacombe, Alberta)*

“Sometimes it takes someone outside of yourself to help you overcome bad habits that hold you back and prevent you from being in a safe, loving place in your relationship. Thank you Donna for opening my eyes!”
-Woman (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I learned that finding the good in my partner and relationship helps build up more good. It is simple! What a relief.”
-Sarah Green, Rancher (Nanton, Alberta)*

“Finding the good is important. I see that my expectation is what will naturally be attracted to me, good or bad.”
-Kim Anderson, Warranty Supervisor (St. Albert, Alberta)*

“I felt comfortable right from the beginning of the retreat. I learned how a woman thinks, and how being a man can contribute to her realising her needs and wants. Seeing my wife be comfortable as a woman is my goal. It makes me feel like a true man.”
-Aaron Hudkins, Heavy Equipment Operator (Lacombe, Alberta)*

“This retreat helped me identify the limitations that my self-editing has placed on my happiness in my relationship. I see that my happiness depends on connecting with my desire.”
-Julianna Cantwell, Business Owner (Edmonton, Alberta)* 

“This program gave me the ability to handle situations differently so we don’t go straight to conflict.”
~Kara Harvey, Production Administrator (Rocky Mountain House, Alberta)*

“I found out a lot about how women work and about how to resolve and stop problems before we are in them.”
~Stacey Bleile (male), Sales (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This is without a doubt the most transformational, life-altering workshop I’ve ever attended, bar none! Best of all it’s fun and easy to do.”
-Angie Evans, Master Herbalist and Doula (Canmore, Alberta) (*

“Having a better understanding of how the other gender thinks and why is very helpful in maintaining and growing a healthy relationship. ‘Between Men and Women’ was able to provide that.”
-Cale Klesko (male), Consultant (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Between Men and Women has been an empowering course. Now I see that how both men and women are naturally is a strength for each sex. With this knowledge my husband and I will be able to flourish to new heights without a doubt.”
-Tiffany, Commercial Manager (Calgary, Alberta)*

“As a senior sales rep I’ve taken lots of courses and seminars. On a scale from 1 to 10, many rate about 3 or 4, and a few reach 6 or 7. This one is definitely a 12 or 14.”
– Mike Muhr, Sales Rep (Francis, Saskatchewan)*

“I understand better that the resolution I’m looking for may not look the same as I’m thinking it should, and that’s okay. I’m better able to be in the present and to be okay with the ‘space’ of my relationship.”
-Angie Hickson, Project Coordinator (Calgary, Alberta) 

“I definitely think this retreat would help so many people, especially since you make it seem so easy and almost effortless to get such a rewarding outcome.”
– Sari Giesbrecht, Scheduling Coordinator (Airdrie, Alberta)*

“Understanding why men and women think, do and say some things should help my marriage. I really think this could turn my marriage around and make me feel better about life.”
-Shane Giesbrecht, Construction (Airdrie, Alberta)*

“I love Donna and Jason’s main point that no one is wrong and that both men and women have important roles in the team relationship.”
-Lyndsay Trotter, Stay-at-home Mom (Sylvan Lake, Alberta)*

“This retreat opens your mind to stuff we just don’t think about in our day-to-day lives. I walk away from this weekend feeling very excited about my new journey with my husband.”
-Stephanie Brown, Student (Fort McMurray, Alberta)*

“This program opened up the basic concepts that all conflict between spouses, and even with kids, stem from.”
-CJ Brown, District Manager (Fort McMurray, Alberta)*

“‘Between Men and Women’ helped me understand men and women in a different way and how to make relationships better.”
– Tamara Fleming, Boutique Owner (Calgary, Alberta)*

“The communication learned in this workshop will benefit my health and wellness by allowing me to move through negative energy and clear ‘mental fog’ in all my relationships.”
– Cammie Osborne, Registered Dental Hygenist (Calgary, Alberta)*

“‘Between Men and Women’ has given me a new starting point for my marriage. It has reassured me that my feelings are normal and that I wasn’t going crazy at times.”
-Madeleine Muhr (Francis, Saskatchewan)*

“Between Men and Women was the single most important thing that saved our relationship.”
-Peter DuBeau, Hotel Manager (Banff, Alberta)*

“This retreat gave me a complete understanding of why men and women act/behave the way they do.”
-Jennifer Giles, Teacher (Lethbridge, AB)*

“I gained fresh insight and perspective into both what motivates my wife and myself, as well as our entire relationship. I sincerely want to thank both Donna and Jason!”
-Anonymous due to career*

“‘Between Men and Women’ creates a space for being happy. Everyone should take this retreat.”
-Jade Coultman, Entrepreneur (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I’ve taken this program three times in six years. I feel like the light has been turned on in my life after each time I review. I always leave the workshop full of compassion for myself and with complete appreciation of men. Amazing!”
-Chenille Lovgren, Student (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Hot stuff! Thanks. Everyone would benefit from this course.”
-Rich Anderson, Business owner (Calgary, Alberta)*

“The tools and strategies this program gives you truly are invaluable. I am looking forward to a new way of interacting with my husband and a positive future together. Awesome!”
-Dana Bowes, Stay at home Mom (Edmonton, Alberta)*

“I feel we owed it to ourselves, and to each other, to take two days out of our busy schedule to come and share this amazing experience.”
-Scott Bowes, Manager (Edmonton, Alberta)*

“‘Between Men and Women’ taught me how to ask the proper questions and when.”
-Dave Marko, Millwright (Sundre, Alberta)*

“I learned to let the negative go, to be happy and to  have fun. I learned how to allow myself to trust again.”
-Jennifer Marko, Bookkeeper (Sundre, Alberta)*

“I was unsure what to expect coming into the weekend. However, an hour into it I knew it was going to be a game changer. Jason and Donna were great.”
-Shawn Nickerson, Manager (Red Deer, Alberta)*

“Men are men, and women are women, and I don’t have to be angry about this anymore. It is what it is, and now I can use my desires to energize my whole world and everyone in it.”
-Amy Nickerson, Owner/Manager (Red Deer, Alberta)*

“Every couple should take this course as a normal part of understanding gender differences and for getting the tools they need for an amazing relationship.”
-Shauna  Kvellestad, Project Manager (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Through the group sharing and discussions I feel like the ideas presented were made real and were proven to enhance relationship flow and communication.”
-Jim Kvellestad, Contractor / Carpenter (Calgary, Alberta)*

“The program gave me an awareness of my own desire and how to use it in a way that empowers my partner to respond and generate fun and productivity in our lives.”
-Tania Murynka, Physician (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Between Men and Women helped me a lot in understanding my wife’s needs. It provided some good techniques that will make our relationship even more successful.”
-Gui Sousa, Market Research Analyst (Calgary, Alberta)*

“We can and will grow to higher levels of love and be able to maintain the ‘honeymoon state’ of our relationship indefinitely.”
-Brad Garand, Mechanic (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This retreat was a real eye-opener for me. And I thought I knew men pretty good – apparently not!”
-Jackie Warner (Chestermere, Alberta)*

“I got the tools to go forward in maintaining a clean relationship.”
-Rob Warner, Self-employed (Chestermere, Alberta)*

“A very enlightening course! I look forward to telling others about my learning experience.”
-Ryan Kwas, Carpenter (Calgary, Alberta)*

“A light and fun way to create ease and fun in our relationship. Thanks!”
-Trish Little, Doula and yoga instructor (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I got a great understanding of how my spouse thinks and feels. Now I understand that my feelings are normal and not wrong.”
-Greg Smith, Contractor (Grand Prairie, Alberta)*

“The retreat really helped me to see and realize how a man thinks and what my role is as a woman to step up in our relationship to make it stronger and thrive.”
-Leanne Smith, Driving Examiner (Grand Prairie, Alberta)*

“I have no doubt that utilizing these skills will help me reach new levels of happiness, contentment and growth. Thank you Donna and Jason!”
-Nicole Pesta, Office Manager (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This program really opened my eyes. I now understand that he will never fully know what I want unless I tell him. Thank you for the knowledge and insight.”
-Andrea Coulter, Self-employed (Calgary, Alberta)*

“A woman’s brilliance comes from her many facets and complexities. I’ve learned that our brilliance shines brightest when we share our pleasure with men and approve of them.”
-Judy Sen, Retired (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Because of this course, whatever is good in my relationships will get better; whatever isn’t, now I know why!”
-Judy Sen, Retired (Calgary, Alberta) (After reviewing “Between Men and Women”)*

“Thank you! This workshop has enlightened me and will definitely help improve all the relationships in my life.”
-Karyn Titus, Self-employed (Calgary, Alberta)*

“The biggest thing I learned is how my impatience to have our relationship move forward is actually pushing her away.”
-Philip Giles, Caregiver (Calgary, Alberta)*

“An eye-opening experience. Men and women coming together as partners has the energy to heal all of us on the planet.”
-Rob McMillen (Calgary, Alberta)*

“‘Between Men and Women’ has set an honest, clean tone for my partnership. I know how to be clear with my requests and how to approve of my partner. It’s a ‘win-win’ for us both! All couples should take this workshop.”
-Cheryl Fraser, Self-employed (Canmore, Alberta)*

“I have a better understanding of why men and women react differently in different situations. Putting these ideas to use in the real world will make my life happier. I would definitely recommend ‘Between Men and Women’ for other couples. Thank you!”
-Joel Fraser, Automotive Technician (Exshaw, Alberta)*

“This course helped me see where my power lives and how to work together with the opposite sex to practice being in my power daily. I now have clear tools to bring into my relationship so it can become the relationship I want.”
-Emma Lovino, Personal Trainer / Nutrition Consultant (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I learned a lot about myself, especially how my desire impacts my relationship with my husband. ‘Clean’ desire can move our marriage from good to great. Others should take this workshop.”
-Juanita Calvert, Office Manager (Nanton, Alberta)*

“Through this course I got in touch with what’s really going on when my boyfriend and I fight. He just wants to make me happy, so he tries to understand and then fix the problem. He needs to see that sometimes all I want is for him to listen, no fixing.”
-Jordan Joseph, University student (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I can see now what Linda needs from me in terms of how I communicate when she’s stressed. I understand myself better, which will help me be more productive in business. I see how I can really support my children to be self-expressed and powerful.”
-Mike Hopp, Sales Representative (Langdon, Alberta)*

“Men and women are stronger together. Now I know why because of this course. We can achieve amazing things once we understand one another’s real essence.”
-Judy Harvie, Legal Library Services Manager (Cochrane, Alberta)*

“I now know it’s okay to be me as a man without second-guessing my process.”
-Ron Toner, Probation Officer (Calgary, Alberta)*

“When you take this workshop, you will get back on track immediately. You will rediscover yourself and your relationship. ‘Between Men and Women’ defines a common way of communicating with the people we interact with everyday. Be in action – take this workshop!”
-Becky O’Donnell, Innkeeper (Banff Boutique Inn – Banff, Alberta)*

“Men and women, and the cycles of production and desire are a divine dance.”
-Ron Jones, Business owner / Landscaper (Cochrane, Alberta)*

“‘Between Men and Women’ has been the key to unlocking the door that just would not open for Vic and me to really understand how each other thinks. Now we know how to communicate so each of us feels heard and understood.”
-Denise Sealy, Registered Nurse (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I re-discovered that men and women perceive things differently. We need to acknowledge there is no right or wrong way. We need to revel in our differences.”
-Denise Sealy, Registered Nurse (Calgary, Alberta) (After reviewing the program)*

“This course got me present to how I was treating my boyfriend and to how a woman’s way of being affects a man. Big clarity for me. Thank you!”
-Theresa Marshall, Office Manager (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I will be happier having done this course. This program has helped me clarify my most powerful areas of contribution in my relationship, how to empower Mike, and especially the importance of dreaming my dreams, being happy and being good to myself.”
-Linda Hopp, Marketing Associate (Langdon, Alberta)*

“The course provides a safe environment to share ideas. It provided me with clarity into how women think.”
-Vic Sealy, School Principal (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This workshop brings more clarity to your family and working relationships.”
-Vic Sealy, School Principal (Calgary, Alberta) (After reviewing the program.)*

“This is a great workshop for generating a more powerful relatedness to yourself and the opposite sex.”
-Danna Harper, Self-employed (Calgary, Alberta)*

“‘Between Men and Women’ has really opened my eyes to my responsibility to pay attention to Becky and to really treasure her.”
-Lee O’Donnell, Innkeeper (Banff Boutigue Inn – Banff, Alberta)*

“I will get to be bigger in the world because of my new found connectedness with Kelly. I feel closer to her and more powerful than ever.”
-Darin Bullivant (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I have a better understanding of myself and what I need to do to make my relationship the best it can be. Applying this material will make my relationships amazing.”
-Kelly Bullivant, Nurse Practitioner (Calgary, Alberta)*

“As a male working among mostly female colleagues, this course has enabled me to better understand their frustrations. On top of that, I suspect it’s going to help my wife and I to better relate to our children and to lead by example. More than ever the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life,” holds truer meaning for me.”
-Graeme Dales, Corporate Secetary and Legal Analyst, (Calgary, Alberta)*

“The second time taking ‘Between Men and Women’ was even better than the first! Donna and Jason are amazing coaches and are able to relate these concepts with ease.”
-Graeme Dales (after reviewing “Between Men and Women”), Corporate Secetary and Legal Analyst, (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I got insight after insight about who men and women are. I better understand women’s method of looking at issues in life.”
-Earl Silverman, Personal Crisis Management (Calgary, Alberta)*

“The workshop opened my eyes and mind to what I was bringing to our relationship. Now I see that holding back what I didn’t know, was harming the balance and energy in my family.”
-Jessica Dales, Bus Driver (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This is an amazing program. I would recommend it to anyone looking for change, inspiration or new ideas for how to communicate with the opposite sex.”
-Jessica Dales (after reviewing “Between Men and Women”), Bus Driver (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This workshop instigated some of the most honest communication we have experienced in our marriage. Thank you Jason and Donna!”
-Lynn Hoffman-Tempel, Healthcare Practitioner (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This workshop is MAGICAL! It has helped me understand myself as a woman and my partner as a man.”
-Aoi Kawai, Restaurant Server (Banff, Alberta)*

“With this information I now know that the energy between men and women can move fluidly. The ‘divine dance’ between men and women can be as harmonious and beautiful as a well-rehearsed play.”
-Robert Forseth, Business Owner (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This workshop invites individuals to open themselves to new ideas and concepts they may never have thought about before regarding the relationships they are in or the ones they are pursuing.”
-Charlotte Stalgitis, Student (Calgary, Alberta)*

“It is great to obtain this valuable insight into how women are and what makes them tick. Donna and Jason are so on the ball and have hit a homerun for my ‘team’.”
-Corey Wine, Business Owner (Airdrie, Alberta)*

“Between Men and Women is great for an outlook into the opposite sex’s psyche. It gave me great insight into how to talk to, as well as respond to, my partner.”
-Robbie Lewis, Detailer (Calgary, Alberta)*

“What I got is a profound understanding and relationship with myself and my wife. Who I am as a man, why and how that relates to women is an amazing and exciting conversation.”
-Casey Donohue, Government employee (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This seminar provides the key strategies for improving and understanding the relationships between men and women, both in a professional and intimate context. I highly recommend it!”
– Chris Wein, Businessman (Canmore, Alberta)*

“If you want to know the ‘secret’ for relating to the opposite sex in a successful, empowering way, you want to register in this course!”
– Frances Donohue, Sales and Marketing Coordinator (Calgary, Alberta)*

“The concepts, tools and overall content and design of the workshop have provided me with immediate benefits that have already improved the relationships in my life. Thank you!”
– Kelly Hyde-Wein, Consultant (Canmore, Alberta)*

“This workshop has given me new insight into both myself and my spouse. I would highly recommend this course to anyone – couples, singles, men, women and teens.”
– Trevor Rickards, Computer Systems and Storage Architect (Calgary, Alberta)*

“This workshop is fabulous and has been instrumental in helping me to gain direction in my life and establish clarity as to what I want as a woman.”
– Tracy Mierau, Entrepreneur (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I had the pleasure of interviewing you both on my Parenting Expert Teleseminar Series. Your work is very powerful. Thanks so much Jason and Donna! I would love to see every couple out there have the benefit of your work.”
-Jacqueline Green, Founder – (Edson, Alberta)*

“I took the workshop for the first time 8 months ago. With the tools and techniques I got from the weekend I went out in the world to practice using them. Now, 8 months later as a reviewer, I’m clear that it all works, and it’s amazing. I now have a vision of what I want my life to look like (my desires) and a way to continually create that. Thank you!”
-Jacquie Geurts, Waitress (Banff, Alberta)*

“Before the workshop I wasn’t attracting a man into my life. Now I know not only how to attract a man but how to keep him coming back for more.”
-Sujata Godse (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Before doing ‘Between Men and Women’ I focused on an unhealthy relationship to define my whole purpose for being. Through coaching and reviewing the workshop, I see that the relationship I want is only part of my entire purpose. My purpose can be unlimited. My desire can attract anything and everything from the Universe that I want for my life.”
-Sujata Godse, Accountant (Calgary, Alberta) (after completing “Between Men and Women” for the second time).*

“My eyes have been opened to a new world. Before this course I thought that I would never ‘understand’ the relationships between men and women. I feel completely confident now in the way I see men, in knowing what I want and how to communicate it. This course is an asset to every one of ALL ages! This should be a mandatory course taught in school.”
– N.Y. (Woman, Canmore, Alberta)*

“Many aha moments listening to this presentation.”
-Sue Garner, Writer/Member – Romance Writers Of America*

“‘Between Men and Women’ has been highly beneficial in my personal life, as well as my life with my partner. It really helped simplify my process of relating to men. The course gave me some FANTASTIC tools that I now use everyday. I now feel more empowered about my life and my relationships. My daily interactions with men (friends, colleagues, family members, strangers, etc.) are more fun, and so much less complicated. This course’s information is priceless. If you want to have more fun in your life, and an unbelievable relationship with your partner, sign up for this course!”
-K.M. (woman), Alberta*

“The concepts presented are so astoundingly simple, yet produce simply astounding results! Thank you!”
-Denise (Banff, Alberta)*

“It was an amazing program! It will change how I interact with everybody. I got a lot of insight into whom, and how, women are. This will have a profound and lasting affect on how I live my life.”
-Jan Bieber (male), Self-Employed (Calgary, Alberta)*

“Before the workshop I had a concern/doubt that starting our business together as a couple may not work given our past patterns of conflict. I now see that we can have an amazing business together even just by being clear on what I want and recognizing that he is willing to give me what I want. All there is for me to do is to Dance with our needs as opposed to battling with them. I would highly recommend this workshop to any couple or single who is up to creating awesome relationships with the opposite sex.”
-Marie Oliver, Real Estate Associate (Lethbridge, Alberta)*

“Before this weekend a lot of our breakdowns came from me trying to force Marie to see things my way (not realizing men and women use different forms of logic). I now see that this is a pipe dream not worth pursuing, and I will let Marie see things her way!”
-Bill Oliver, Real Estate Associate (Lethbridge, Alberta)*

“Outstanding workshop! Thank you. I now have a greater understanding for the men in my life, and I’m looking forward to working together with every one of them, including my husband, to achieve greatness.”
-Cynthia Abdilmasih, Business Owner (Edmonton, Alberta)*

“I now have a better understanding of women and myself. I won’t take things said by women personally. As a result, I will be able to expand my awareness, in relationship with women, of their needs and desires. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for growth in their relationships and a better understanding of the role of gender in relationships.”
-Paul Bedford, Retail Manager (Canmore, Alberta)*

“I’m currently in a relationship considering separation. I have very strong family values. The workshop has given me the understanding of the incredible differences between men and women. There is a reason why both men and women act as they do. We both can help each other understand these differences in a positive and productive way.”
-Robert Mitchell, Contractor (Canmore, Alberta)*

“The hero knows what a woman really wants and when he’s not guessing, he’s really a hero!”
-Janet Gurtler, Writer/Member – Romance Writers Of America*

“Donna and Jason are AMAZING individuals and work well as a team to communicate the language in a powerful way. You both ROCK!! Thank you for this life-changing experience!”
-Jason Penstock, Accountant (Calgary, Alberta)*

“I took part in this workshop a few years ago, and I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t reaped the benefits of the things I learned there. At the time I was single, happily single, because many of my previous relationships gave me mixed feelings of boredom, confusion, frustration and heartache. I was lonely but not excited about trying another guy out until a good friend of mine introduced the workshop to me. It was Valentine’s Day week-end, and I was the only single person there. I was intimidated and at first really wondering what the heck I was doing there. I listened to what the instructor was saying, and I listened to the others in the group, but the best part of the program was what I learned from the men in our group. It was mind-boggling! It was momentous! I was inspired. As I write this I am planning my wedding. I’m going to marry the most beautiful, simple, walk-the-line guy (and they are ALL beautiful, simple, walk-the-line guys – we just don’t know how to treat them right!). Our relationship is uncommonly open and bright and amazing, and I owe it all to this course. I promise, you will be inspired and your perspective on yourself as a woman and your perspective on all those great men out there will change forever.”
-V.L. (Woman) (Manchester, England)*

“I realized during the workshop that I wasn’t letting my hero be heroic for my heroine in my work and in my own life.”
-Vivi Anna, Author & President Of Calgary Chapter- Romance Writers Of America (*