Discover the Power of Your Love Language

I-love-you-smallThe words we direct towards ourselves and others are more powerful than most people know. Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, did an experiment to demonstrate this. He filled three jars of rice with water. To one jar, he said, “Thank you.” To a second jar, he said, “You’re an idiot.” And the third jar, he ignored entirely. He did this for 30 days. The rice being thanked began to ferment and give off a “pleasant aroma”. The rice Dr. Emoto ignored, began to rot. The rice receiving the words, “You’re an idiot,” turned black.

If words can do that to rice, imagine how they impact your and your partner’s bodies. How many times have you said about yourself or your partner, “What an egotistical jerk.” “Why can’t she ever make up her mind?” “He’s useless.” “You’re crazy.” “You make me sick.” “You’re an idiot.” “Why can’t you be more like (fill in the blank)?”  These aren’t just words. There is an energic quality to them that has a dramatic impact on the physical world, including our bodies and well-being.

When you understand what’s really behind those behaviours you object to, the context in which you hold your partner shifts, and the language and thoughts you direct his or her way automatically shift as as a result. The above phrases shift to, “I love you.” “I understand.” “You’re awesome.” “You great just as you are.”

Here is a short video about Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment. What do you think?

Learning how to shift your love language is the key to connection, compassion, intimacy, freedom and forgiveness in your relationship. Discovering what’s really behind the behaviours you object to about your partner is the first step. To hear about the awesome perfection inherent in both yourself and the man or woman in your life join us for the next “Between Men and Women” Couples Relationship Retreat. Your life and love with thank you.

In the meantime, Be Great!

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