June 1, 2014

Private Couples Intensive

 *The testimonials on the page reflect the personal experience and results of each client. Results may vary.
“I wanted to thank you AGAIN for this past weekend. I feel better than I have in a VERY long time and not just with regards to my relationship but EVERYTHING. I truly feel lighter! You have finally provided me what I have been in search of this entire year. OMG it seems so CLEAR now. THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me to finally find what I have been so desperately searching for.” – M.R. (Edmonton, Alberta)*
Do any of these describe you?
  • You have tried marriage counselling and found it wasn’t right for you.
  • You are considering marriage counselling and are wondering what sort of alternatives there might be.
  • You have a good relationship and you want to revitalize it with a fresh new perspective on relating.
  • You are splitting up and are committed to doing so in a way that leaves each of you intact and in good shape emotionally.
  • You are already separated or divorced, and you and your ex-spouse recognize that you need to find a new way to relate for the sake of the kids.

If any of these sound like you, the “The Edge” private couples relationship intensive might be what you are looking for.

You Can Expect a Fun, Casual and Safe Environment for Revitalizing Trust, Connection and Understanding

In “The Edge” private couples relationship intensive, you and your partner meet 1-on-1 with Donna at a time and location of your choice (see below for details). Your 2-day program will include generally the same powerful content as the “Between Men and Women” small group couples relationship retreat that Donna, and her partner Jason, have been leading for almost 10 years. (Click above to see a summary of what you will discover in the “Between Men and Women” program.)

Most of our clients are glad to hear that Donna is neither a marriage counselor nor a psychologist (see the “About” page for Donna’s background). She doesn’t need to be. During “The Edge” Couples Relationship Intensive, Donna neither diagnoses nor prescribes. Instead, she walks you through the powerful yet simple SPARK Relationship Success Model that:

  • Describes who men and women are naturally. You are never made wrong or asked to change. You’re perfect as you are. When you know who you are naturally and why, you are free to be yourself in relationship and you can gift your partner with the freedom to be themselves.

“I understand now that there isn’t anything wrong with me or my husband. I really appreciate that there was ‘no victims’. It was refreshing to feel valued as a woman in my marriage and to see how I can show Jeff his value as a man. Thank you so much!” ~Michelle George, Student / Group home employee (Edmonton, Alberta)*


  • Helps participants understand themselves and their partners better. Men and women are different. Make no mistake about that. Donna reveals just how different they are, and what the purposes of the differences are. There really is perfection, power and peace in the design

“The workshop has helped me to better understand how my wife and I can improve our day-to-day interactions as well as to understand our differences and similarities more clearly.” ~Jeff Sloan, Consultant (Edmonton, Alberta)*

“I definitely think this workshop would help so many people, especially since you make it seem so easy and almost effortless to get such a rewarding outcome.” ~Sari Giesbrecht, Scheduling Coordinator (Airdrie, Alberta)*


  • Avoids assigning blame. Each of you has a part in whatever is going on in your relationship – good and bad. Donna helps you both understand your part. She helps you understand that how you react and how you are in relationship is largely a factor of who you are as a man or woman. When you understand your part, blame is not necessary. Instead, you simply get clarity about what’s going on. Forgiveness for both yourself and your partner is the natural outcome.

 “I really think this could turn my marriage around.” ~Shane Giesbrecht, Construction (Airdrie, Alberta)*

“This program did not focus on the fine details or issues of people’s relationships, but gave us an understanding and know how of why we are as we are. We were provided with tools and exercises that will bring us closer together.” – Sammy Ruiz, Instrumentation Tech. (Edmonton, Alberta)*

“The Edge” Private Couples Intensive promises you:

Though the “Between Men and Women” group workshops offer a great opportunity to learn from the experiences and insights of other participants, the issues or circumstances some of our clients are dealing with may cause them to feel constrained or uncomfortable sharing in front of other people. “The Edge” private couples relationship intensive is the solution. During your private intensive program, you and your partner meet with Donna “1-on-1”. As in all of our programs, your confidentiality is guaranteed and respected above all else.

While marriage counselling works well for some, many of our participants tell us that “talk therapy” wasn’t effective for them. What they really value about “The Edge” program is that it offers them new tools they can use right away. They also like that using these tools is easy. They can use them themselves, without becoming dependent on a therapist.

Resolving relationship issues is important to most people. Some of our clients, however, are dealing with critical issues or life decisions that are dependent on the outcome of their relationship. Perhaps you have assets or a business that will be affected by whether or not you and your partner stay together. Perhaps you have noticed that your business or career has started to slide and you can see that problems at home are contributing to the decline. Perhaps you have critical family issues, like a sick child or personal health issues, which demand a fast resolution to your relationship challenges.

For these clients, coming to terms with whatever is going on in their relationship takes on a heightened sense of urgency. Many clients facing these circumstances can neither wait for the next “Between Men and Women” group workshop, nor can they wait for marriage counselling to run its course over several weeks or months. In this way, “The Edge” private couples intensive is a more immediate and affordable alternative to marriage counselling.

We know you’re busy. Career, family, business and other obligations command more time today than ever before. Maybe you work in the oil fields of Alberta and have only a few days each month to get personal things handled. Maybe you are a small business owner and you need to schedule personal activities around business imperatives. Perhaps you have a family and are finding that child care makes it difficult for Mommy and Daddy to carve out any adult time.

“The Edge” private couples relationship intensive allows you the flexibility of scheduling your program where and when suits you best. Choose 2 consecutive days or put a day or two in between. Choose weekends or weekdays. Have your program in your own home, in your favourite get-away (extra fees may apply), or in another comfortable living room-like setting. Schedule each day of your program around the needs of your family or business (limitations may apply to maintain the integrity and flow of the program).

Private Intensive programs in Calgary are held in Jason and Donna’s home. If you have special circumstances (i.e., health issues, limited mobility), or if you would like to have the program in a favourite location outside of Calgary, please discuss this with Donna prior to, or when you register. This choice allows you greater freedom to customize your experience. (Please keep in mind that extra costs will apply if Donna needs to travel or requires accommodations.)

Some clients are dealing with what they feel is a unique situation that they can’t see themselves addressing in a group. For instance, some clients are divorced, and they know that they need to find a new way of relating to each other for the sake of their kids. Other clients are clear that divorce is the best option for them and they want to do so in a “clean” way that leaves each of them emotionally strong and intact.

For others, unique circumstances can include health issues, accessibility needs, or highly visible public positions that make crafting their own experience in terms of scheduling, privacy and venue a valuable option.

While we guarantee value in all of our programs, those who choose the private couples intensive benefit from being able to have the SPARK Relationship Success Model applied more directly to their personal situation than is possible when 5 or 6 couples are in the room.


LocationPrivate intensive programs are held at Jason and Donna’s home in Calgary. If you have special circumstances (i.e., health issues, limited mobility), or if you would like to have the program in a favourite location outside of Calgary, please discuss this with Donna prior to, or when you register. If Donna is required to travel to meet you, please keep in mind that costs associated with the venue, economy-class airfare and accommodations will be added to your registration fee.

For detailed registration procedures and prices, and to find out if a “The Edge” Private Intensive Program is right for you, please call Donna or Jason at 403-455-9351, or email us by CLICKING HERE.

See our refund / cancellation policy and 356-Day Value Guarantee by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Remember, the choice is yours…

Both “The Edge” private intensive and the “Between Men and Women” small group retreats are available to you. Rest assured that regardless which option you choose, the content is similar and value is guaranteed.

So…If you prefer the community of the group setting or if cost is a concern, the small group “Between Men and Women” Couples Relationship Retreat is a great option for you. Click here for details and scroll to the bottom of the page for program dates, prices and how to register.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:
A non-refundable 50% deposit secures your chosen dates. Full refunds (less the non-refundable deposit) are available for registrations cancelled within 10 days of registering. After 10 days, no refunds are available. Registrations received within 14 days of the start of your program are non-refundable. Payments already received prior to cancellation will be credited to a future program of your choice. Exceptions are possible at the program provider’s discretion. 

365-Day Value Guarantee:
If after completing the entire program a registrant feels he or she did not receive value from the program they can request in writing a 50% refund within 365 days of completing the intensive program. The refund policy reflects the fact that this is an information product that cannot be “put back on the shelf” and re-sold if it is returned.

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