The Critical Missing That Has Women Not Get What They Want in Relationship

Focus-on-what-you-have-textHave you ever wondered why women in relationship don’t get what they want from their guy? One of the reasons is that she is focused on…well…not getting what she wants from her guy. That focus generates an energy of frustration, anger, blame, or even victim hood. As a result, he pulls back.

If you want him to stay engaged try this. Get clear on what you want. Get the good all around you. Appreciate what you already have, and when that involves him, let him know. That shift in your energy will have YOU feel awesome. He will notice and will want more of it. He will be pulled to get more connected to you and to doing more for you. And we’re not just talking about chores around the house. Men are bigger than that. They want to be your hero. They want to be the cause of your happiness (thought it’s not their job). They want to satisfy your biggest dreams. Your “clean” energy of satisfaction and approval is your greatest asset. You both win!

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To fully understand how to live the above principle (not to mention several others) in your life and marriage, join us for the next “Between Men and Women” Rocky Mountain Couples Relationship Retreat.

To Your Greatness!

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