The Power of Connection and Dedication in a Marriage

Can you imagine, over the course of a 67 year marriage, how many opportunities there would be to be positional about something? To be right and to have your partner be wrong?

The longevity of this couple’s marriage, and of their enduring life-long commitment, was clearly not due to the absence of these opportunities. Over 67 years, all of these challenges must have come up over and over again.

Something else was going on. It would make sense that they were more committed to the relationship and to each other than to their own narrow perspectives. Seeing things from the other person’s perspective and giving the other person the benefit of the doubt must have been important. Perhaps their relationship had a purpose that was bigger than each of them individually, one that kept them connected through thick and thin.

This is a beautiful story. Enjoy! After watching the video, you can visit this link to read the associated Global News article –

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