Valentine’s Day 101 (Pt 3 – Women) – The Simple Secret to a Happy Husband

So ladies…What’s the secret to a happy husband, who is motivated in life and WANTS to do more for you, not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday? Well, that’s what this post is about.

First, here’s a quick recap…

Having an amazing Valentine’s Day isn’t that difficult. So far in this mini-teaching we’ve affirmed the importance of letting your Desire be okay, without limitations or self-editing.

Then we gave you a simple 3-part recipe for asking for what you want in a way that has you both win.

(If you haven’t read the first two parts in the series, make sure you find those posts and check them out. But this one is critical, so don’t leave without reading it first.)

So here it is…


Approval and appreciation are to your guy what gas is to your car. With it, he will go (and can take you) anywhere. Without it, no one’s getting very far.

For some women, appreciating what a man does for her can occur like “buttering up his ego”. If his ego gets a boost from you, however, that’s awesome because it’s his ego that keeps him producing. He wins because he feels good. You win because his feeling good has him want to do more for you (Remember? Guys move toward what feels good, and away from what feels bad). And it doesn’t cost either of you anything!

Here’s 2 things to keep in mind:

1) No matter what he does or doesn’t do for Valentine’s Day, or no matter how he does it, there is ALWAYS something he did that you can appreciate, even if it’s just the effort he made. Find it, and let him know.

2) Here’s a simple 3-step formula for how to let him know:

  1. Give him Approval / Appreciation.
  2. Tell him for what.
  3. Tell him why…what did you like about what he did?

For example, “Thanks John for the beautiful flowers. They just light up the room, and I love that!” Use whatever words you’re comfortable with. Just try to include each step. That’s the secret to a happy husband, one who wants to do more for you because it feels so good.

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To Your Greatness!

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