[RETREAT] How to Eliminate Stress in Marriage

Eliminate stress in marriage.

What are three of the leading causes of stress in marriage, and how can you eliminate stress in marriage? That’s a tall order, but with certain key understandings it’s possible.

Finances, parenting and communication (not necessarily in that order) cause so much stress because they are so important. The common denominator in each of them is you and your partner. It can seem daunting. You are trying your best to get it right coming from different backgrounds, priorities and belief systems. Those backgrounds, priorities and beliefs are what they are. There’s little you can do about them.

What you can do something about, however, is understanding the person you are making those critical decisions with – your partner. Science and psychology are increasingly recognizing the vast array of physical, emotional and psychological differences between men and women. For instance, men look for the “win”, and therefore, tend to be go-getters and risk takers. Women are more concerned about safety, and therefore, prefer security and certainty. It’s not hard to see where this can cause problems when managing your combined finances, for instance. To eliminate stress in marriage, it’s important to know about these differences.

Men and women also have different communication styles and like talking about different things. Miscommunication, therefore, is common and can lead to misunderstandings that elevate stress.

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