Valentine’s Day Challenge…Ya’ Up for It?

A couple Valentines Days ago I challenged myself to make it a special one for Donna. I decided to turn Valentines Day into Valentines Week.

The week before Valentines Day I gave Donna a Valentines Day card everyday. Some were funny, some were heart-ticklers, some were a little risque.  I also gave Donna a gift each day. On the Seventh day of Valentines (February 8th) I gave her a little bubble blowing kit. Another day she got a gift certificate to one of her favourite restaurants. Another day it was a coupon book redeemable for kisses and romance anytime. Donna loves flowers, so there are tulips, orchids, hyacinths and of course roses throughout the house. On Valentines Day – the First Day of Valentines – I gave her a card, roses and a bouquet of heart-shaped balloons that sang “How Great It Is to Be Loved By You.” Some gifts were playful, some were serious, some were experiential. Each of the gifts spoke to something I knew Donna loved – having fun, exploring, romance, beauty, life.

All week Donna told me how much fun she was having. The more fun Donna had, the more I wanted to do for her. Seeing how much she enjoyed it and how happy it made her was her gift to me. This energy Donna put into the process gave me purpose and that’s a key thing women do for men.

What made that energy come alive? The answer is pretty simple actually. I gave Donna an experience. I knew what Donna likes (her desire) and I fulfilled on it (production). We both allowed ourselves to do what we do best – women are desire, men are about production. What was key here was “willingness”. Women must be willing to receive – have their desire fulfilled; and men must be willing to produce for her. What’s really great is that this energy can be created everyday of the year, not just on February 14.

Challenge #1: 

Men, with Valentines Day coming up, think about what you can do to make it memorable for her…not just memorable in fact, but unforgettable. Pay attention to what she likes and what she wants and produce that for her in spades.

And, ladies,  what’s your challenge? Try this on…be willing to treat yourself by letting him treat you, loving it no matter what he does, and letting him know that you loved it and why. Trust us, neither of you will regret it.

Challenge #2:

Live this every month…every week…every day…not just on Valentines Day.

This can be a lot of fun if you throw yourself into it.

It can do wonders for your relationship because “him” producing what she wants, and “her” letting him do it and appreciating him for it creates connection and satisfaction as certainly as flicking a switch turns on a light bulb. It  sounds pretty mechanical, and that’s the beauty of it. Its a system. In any system, including a system of relating, there are mechanics. And when the different parts of  that system – in this case men and women –  are in sync they create an awesome energy that gives us the experiences we want in life.

That’s what “Between Men and Women” Couples Relationship Retreat is all about – helping men and women get and stay connected so they can get what they want in life together using a system that is proven and fun. In its simplest form, that system involves truly appreciating a man and cherishing a woman. Try it, you’ll like it.

We would love to hear about your Valentines Day experiences. Leave a comment below.

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