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Donna Tosky, CBP and Jason Krausert, MA



WELLSPRING noun (wĕl’ sprĭng’)

  • the source of a spring or stream; fountainhead
  • a source of continual or abundant supply

In many ways your relationship is a wellspring. It’s the source of a never-ending stream of so much that is important to you – your family, your financial security, your pleasure in life, your sexual fulfillment, companionship, your ability to be effective professionally, and as science is proving, your physical and emotional health and well-being.

Tied up in all of those things of course is your happiness and peace of mind. That’s a lot to have at stake.

Despite all that is at stake, however, we are not taught how to have successful, happy and fulfilling relationships. I suppose that’s because we are so naturally pulled to having relationships that it’s presumed we should have inborn knowledge of the best way to be in relationship. The frustratingly persistent 45-50% divorce rate, however, screams this isn’t the case.

It begs the questions, “Are our beliefs and behaviours surrounding relationships and the opposite sex effective or are they part of the problem?” Is there a better way?
We’re not so detached in other areas of life.

We hire professionals or take courses to teach us how to manage our money, how to eat properly, and how to do yoga and Pilates safely, but we don’t educate ourselves on principles of successful relationships.

We buy insurance to protect our cars, our investments, our homes, and for some even our bodies. Yet, despite all that hinges on the health of your marriage or partnership there’s no insurance to protect that.

Global pharmaceutical sales are almost $1 trillion per year because when we feel sick we spend huge amounts of money on medical treatment and medications to feel better. When our relationships are sick, however, many people spend years in that unhealthy environment without doing anything to mend it.

So what about preventing sickness in relationship in the first place? As they say, “Prevention is the best cure.” After all, people (and more and more businesses) spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on gym memberships, personal trainers and home exercise equipment to protect their physical health and to prevent sickness. Most people, however, do nothing to proactively prevent sickness in their relationship.  As a result, “viruses” like bad habits, assumptions and unrealistic expectations take hold and are allowed to multiply. That’s why half of all marriages die and so many more simply exist, in some sort of purgatory-like limbo, costing families, individuals and children their physical and mental well-being, their quality of life and the fulfillment of their dreams and purpose together.

Natural Relationships using the Between Men and Women Method
With all that in mind, there must be a better way. So what is the secret to a successful relationship?

Well, there are a lot of great programs out there, each with an answer that serves their clients well. For our part, we believe that what’s natural works best.

Who you and your partner are as a man or a woman is your natural essence. There’s nothing wrong with either of you. There’s nothing to fix. There’s nothing to change. There’s perfection in the design, and there’s power when you understand how men and women perfectly complement each other. Ours is an uncommon conversation, quite different than what is offered through psychology and counseling.

The Between Men and Women Method is not philosophy or theory. It’s very practical. It has to be because you live in the real world so you need solutions that apply in real world. So many of the relationship challenges our clients face originate in simple misunderstandings about who their partner is as a man or a woman. Though we say we know men and women are different, few people truly understand the depth and breadth of those differences. As a result, we expect our partners to behave as we would. When they don’t, a new battlefield in the so-called war between the sexes opens. It’s frustrating, sad and scary for people.

What is the Between Men and Women Method?
Helping you understand yourself and your partner is what our “Between Men and Women” private couples intensives and Rocky Mountain group retreats are all about. The Between Men and Women Method sees gender differences as a functioning system. Like any system, mastering it allows you to produce predictable results at home, in the office, with your kids, with everyone…after all, we’re all either men or women. Arguments will never disappear but they will be less frequent, less intense and shorter in duration.

During our programs, we start by taking an in-depth look at just how different men and women are – what they want, how they think, what scares them, what motivates them, how they get in each others way and how they can move each other forward. With this exploration of differences comes understanding and intimacy.

Then we look at the purpose of the differences between men and women. When you understand why you and your partner are as you are, you will see the perfection in the design. You will see how form and function meet. With this understanding of purpose comes compassion for yourself and your partner. You will glimpse the possibility of being in relationship without judging or being judged. You will feel the freedom of not having to compromise who you are, and the peace of not requiring your partner to compromise who they are.

Finally, with understanding, intimacy and compassion comes transformation. Gender differences are no longer obstacles to be tolerated or suppressed. You will see them as a resource for achieving what you want in your relationship and in your lives together.

The Between Men and Women private couples intensives and Rocky Mountain group retreats are for people in various stages of relationship:

  1. pre-marital preparation;
  2. those going through a rocky stretch;
  3. those in a good relationship and looking to get to great;
  4. those who are committed to exploring themselves, their partner and what is possible between them;
  5. parents looking for a new perspective on relating to their kids (especially teenagers);
  6. those who are recently divorced and want to avoid repeating the same patterns in the future;
  7. ex-partners who need a healthy relationship to be an example for the kids they will always share.

We’re committed to your quality of life and well-being. Schedule your retreat or register in one of our workshops today, and take your relationship to the next level. Put the “muck” behind you and the rest of your lives together out in front.

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All our best,
Jason Krausert, M.A.,
Co-Founder and Production Supervisor
Donna Tosky, C.B.P.,
Co-Founder and Program Facilitator and Coach

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