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Mike LaPointe

“I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this 2 day retreat. I watched the other couples grow stronger together during the program. Excellent course Donna and Jason!”

Mike LaPointe, Driver (Rocky Mountain House, Alberta)*

"Between Men and Women" Couples Relationship Retreat

Hi there. We're Donna Tosky and Jason Krausert, founders of Inner Sync Systems and providers of the "Between Men and Women" Couples Relationship Retreat.

Your relationship is important to you. In all likelihood, it's one of the most important parts of your life.  When our company was started over a dining room table in December of 2007, it had a single driving purpose - to return couples to the peace of mind, connectedness and fun they deserve without having to compromise who they are.

Throughout my 14 year marriage, which was very difficult and unhappy, I knew that type of relationship was possible. I dreamed of an intimate relationship in which my partner was also my best friend. My relentless search for what was missing in my marriage, including my own role in the breakdown, was a journey so eye-opening that I had to share it with others.

Jason joined me in 2007, and for over 10 years now, we have been doing just that through our group retreats, private 1-on-1 intensives, and couples coaching.

This page is about what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, what's available for YOU when you choose to participate in a "Between Men and Women" Rocky Mountain Couples Relationship Retreat.

Welcome to "Between Men and Women". Enjoy your stay, check out the site, and pick up a few tips along the way. If you have any questions, our contact information is at the bottom of this page, so feel free to get in touch.

In the meantime...Go Be Great!

~Donna Tosky, CBP, Couples Relationship Coach and Speaker

What is "Between Men and Women" and What Will You "Get" When You Participate?

The "Between Men and Women" Couples Relationship Retreat is about shining a light on the natural and critical differences between men and women, the misunderstanding of which creates stress and frustration in relationship, and ultimately erodes the connection that you crave and deserve.

Our mission is to empower couples with an understanding of exactly how men and women are different, how the differences are perfectly complementary, and how to operate inside of those differences to create the trusting, peaceful, connected and fun relationship you deserve.

In this process, our participants inevitably come to understand that:

  1. they are not broken;
  2. they do not need to be fixed; and
  3. they deserve to be happy, individually and as a couple.


Our Method Makes "Between Men and Women" Different

A comment we get consistently from clients is that the retreat was "easier" than they expected. What they mean is that they expected it to be uncomfortable and painful, and it wasn't. They were pleasantly surprised to say the least.

“I felt comfortable right from the beginning of the retreat. I learned how a woman thinks, and how being a man can contribute to her realising her needs and wants. Seeing my wife be comfortable as a woman is my goal. It makes me feel like a true man.”
-Aaron Hudkins, Heavy Equipment Operator (Lacombe, Alberta)*

You see, there's a common belief...a myth...that for transformation to occur in relationship you have to focus on the "problem", the pain point and/or the breakdown. As a result, clients have confided in us that prior to the retreat, they were nervous that during the weekend they would feel uncomfortable, be put on the spot, be made wrong, or be blamed. This is particularly a concern for men. This perception is unfortunate because it stops people from taking the action that will move them forward in life and relationship.

If the above reflects any of your concerns about transforming your relationship, we promise that your "Between Men and Women" journey will be a pleasant surprise. You won't be blamed or made wrong. You won't experience confrontation, and it won't be painful.

How can we make such a claim? If we don't focus on the "problem", you might be asking yourself, how will things get better? That's a great question.

After leading "Between Men and Women" Couples Relationship Retreats for almost 10 years, we know that the problems our clients experience (i.e., poor communication, disagreements over finances,  etc.) are real, but they are not the ROOT problem.

The root cause of these problems are the "context" in which the relationship exists. Rather than focusing on the immediate issues that dominate the foreground (like money, infidelity, or communication), our focus is on the root cause. We focus on the background of the relationship.

In other words, we focus on the context, or the environment, in which the relationship takes place. This context is hidden from view. It includes how men and women "hold" one another. How they view one another. It's about the understanding, or lack there of, of who their partner is - who they are naturally and fundamentally.

Think of it like this. Imagine crossing a dark room that is full of furniture. Every few steps you're likely to bump into a couch, or a love seat and then bang your knee on a coffee table. While crossing the dark room, the furniture occurs as a problem.

Now imagine entering the same room. This time, however, there is a light switch on the wall by the door. Before entering the room you switch on the lights, and make your way across the room without a single bump, nick or scratch. The furniture is in the exact same place as in the first room. In this case, however, the context is different. The environment has changed because the lights are on. With this new context, the problem of the furniture is easily navigated.

The same is true in your relationship. The furniture of your relationship, so-to-speak, are the problems you are dealing with...poor communication, infidelity, arguments over money, him not seeming to listen, her changing her mind. Whatever it is for you.

In "Between Men and Women", we don't need to go into the details of these issues because we turn the lights on. When the lights are turned on - i.e., when you understand who you and your partner really are; when you get how different you are and why - the context of your relationship shifts naturally and permanently. The edge is taken off your problems almost immediately. You will be much better equipped to navigate the room of your relationship with the light of this new awareness shining brightly. You will stop bumping up against your partner as often.

While we don't focus on any individual couple's problems during the retreat, we want to know what problems you are experiencing so that we know what "lights" to turn on. That's why Donna has a "Discovery Call" with each individual participant before the retreat. By understanding the issues in the room, she can target the conversation appropriately to ensure that your particular light gets turned on, allowing you to navigate your relationship with greater ease, peace of mind and enjoyment.


Join the Relationship Revolution

It's time for a revolution. The "elephant in the room" of relationship is the insistence that men and women are the same. While we have similarities, science, and our own experience, tells us more and more, that men and women have important fundamental differences that can't be ignored.

Since these differences are natural - i.e., they come as part of the package of being a man or a woman - ignoring them causes us to feel that we need to be other than who we are, and has us require our partner show up as other than who they are. In other words, nobody gets to be themselves.

In our work we see this all the time. Clients, both men and women, constantly tell us that they feel judged, broken, "crazy", in need of fixing, frustrated, uncomfortable in their own skin, confused, angry, and stressed. They feel like this about themselves, and are made to feel these ways by how they are treated by their partner (who feels the same way too!).

Of course, there are important things men and women have in common. Our critical biological functions are the same. We all want to love and be loved. We all want to be nurtured and understood. We all want satisfaction and purpose in life. Humanity as a whole is driven to grow in size and scope, and to know our spiritual raison d'etre. We all love cute little puppies (okay, I just threw that one in, though I bet even "cat people" can't turn them away).

At a fundamental level, however, there are critical differences that can't be ignored. Science, sociology and, if you're honest, your own experience points to these everyday.

  • Men and women think differently, not just as individuals but as genders.
  • Our bodies have different hormonal responses to the same external stimulation.
  • While men and women share the above common needs, the reasoning and how the needs are expressed is different (except for the puppies. Cute is cute. Just sayin').
  • Men are motivated by approval, and women are motivated by love and adoration.
  • Men are happiest when producing a result. Women get their juice from the experience of an activity on the way to a goal.
  • Men and women want different things.
  • We react very differently to the same outer circumstances.
  • ...and much, much more.

When these differences are ignored or dismissed, we judge and blame our partners, which causes stress, frustration and ultimately disconnection. It's no wonder that the divorce rate hovers stubbornly near 50%, and even higher for second and third marriages. Given this mutual judgment and blaming, it's understandable that a wedge has been driven between the sexes socially, hence the so-called "War of the Sexes."

What's sad is that this "wedge" that divides the genders, and therefore couples, is completely man-made. It's unnatural and unnecessary.

That it's man-made, however, is also the opportunity. It can be changed. Keep reading to find out how.


"It's impossible to hate someone whose story you know." ~Anonymous

The title quote above was from a very wise person, and in a sense, it's the premise of the "Between Men and Women" Couples Relationship Retreat.

Hopefully, you're not in a place of "hating" your partner, but it's also very difficult to be frustrated or angry with someone when you understand that person.

First, let's be clear. "Understanding" your partner does not mean agreeing with him or her. Understanding where he or she is coming from just allows you to acknowledge that their viewpoint is valid, and it allows them to acknowledge that your viewpoint is valid.

Remember the above list of important differences between men and women? With all those differences, it's inevitable that you and your partner will have different viewpoints pretty often.  Even if you are looking at the exact same circumstance - whether it be a financial issue, raising the kids, or buying car insurance - the differences in how men and women process information, in how they strategise, or in how they prioritise things will inevitably lead to disagreements and arguments. Eventually, certain topics will get classified as "no go zones". They are never discussed because a fight is the the certain result.

What can you do to minimise or even eliminate the no-go topics? To reduce the stress and frustration in your relationship? To maintain your connection even in the face of disagreements and life's difficulties?

Let me give you a personal example.

For the first couple of years that Donna and I dated, there were times when Donna would get really anxious some business issues we were dealing with. To Donna, these problems seemed insurmountable, which was very upsetting for her. Being a man, I saw them from a different perspective - they were just challenges to be handled.

An upset spouse is one of the most emotionally difficult things for a man to handle. What got me through those times, and enabled me to provide the support that Donna really needed was the understanding I had from my experience in "Between Men and Women":

  1. Donna's reaction was rooted in the perception that her very safety was at stake in the matter. You see, men and women have very different relationships to safety. A financial threat or a threat to her family, for instance, can be incapacitating to a woman. For a man, a similar threat has him get focused and ready to take on whatever's coming in order to fix the situation.
  2. I understood (and this is easier now than it was then), that "the fix" Donna needed was just as likely me listening to her as it was me actually taking action.

There are of course times (probably more than I care to know) when I frustrate Donna or do things that don't make sense to her. For instance, sometimes she will ask me to do something, and I don't get to it for a couple hours, or perhaps even until the next day.

Rather than making me wrong personally, however, she understands that men operate best when they can focus on one thing at a time. It's difficult for a man to start something new when he hasn't finished what he's currently working on. That focus is critical for production. Without that understanding, Donna could interpret my delay as being lazy, as ignoring her, or as not loving her. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Without an understanding of what was going on for me, as a man, in that situation, however, it could have seemed very real.

Let me tell you from first-hand experience, and from what our clients have told us, understanding how you and your partner are different, the complementarity of those differences, and how to operate in relationship alongside those differences will exponentially enhance the quality of your relationship, and with it, the quality of your life.

The "Between Men and Women" Couples Relationship Retreat is your gateway to that kind of relationship. What's available for you is:

  1. greater, more authentic connection;
  2. the peace of mind that comes from being able to be yourself and from letting your partner be themself;
  3. the satisfaction of accomplishing what is truly important to you in a way that is in alignment with who you are.

Your "Revolution" starts today. The benefit will be enjoyed for the rest of your life.

"Between Men and Women" is a unique relationship program. Here's how... 

"Between Men and Women" Is For You If...

  • You want an affordable and unique ALTERNATIVE TO MARRIAGE COUNSELLING.
  • You are committed to creating a truly SPECIAL MARRIAGE.
  • You are tired of "tolerating" your marriage and want to GET BACK TO FUN.
  • You want to contribute expanded WELL-BEING and personal growth to your life and relationship.
  • You want to confirm for yourself that YOU'RE NOT "CRAZY".
  • You want to talk TO each other, not THROUGH each other.
  • You want to STOP JUDGING each other and stop being judged.
  • You want FEWER ARGUMENTS and to get past disagreements faster.
  • You want to create your relationship as a SAFE AND HAPPY SPACE.
  • You want new access to working together with EASE IN LIFE AND BUSINESS.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Donna and Jason are educators. They are not counsellors or therapists. Therefore, "Between Men and Women" is not appropriate for you if you are dealing with any of the following, or similar situations. In these cases, your well-being is best served by consulting an appropriate counsellor and/or psycho-therapist :

Serial infidelity; Domestic violence; Serious mental illness; Unmanaged addictions

The "Between Men and Women" Experience

What It Is...

  • Educational - It's about discovery & awareness.
  • Transformational - A new view of yourself & others.
  • Self-Affirming - We don't ask you to change.
  • Experiential - You'll immediately relate to the content.

What It's NOT...

  • Therapy or counselling
  • Heavy or dramatic
  • You're never asked to share if you don't want to.
  • We don't delve into your past.

During Your Retreat You Will Discover...

*Testimonials reflect the experience of the individuals. Results may vary.

  • 1

    What Makes Him Tick

    Discover up to 32 traits common to all men including:

  • How men think
  • What men are really attracted to (This might surprise you!)
  • The awesome contribution that you, as a woman, make to his life
  • Why "doing" is the single most powerful motivator in a man's life.
  • Why a man’s ego is one reason you like him, and how it serves you.
  • How little men really know about women.

“I never felt any judgement. My new knowledge of men has given me empathy. I feel more confident now, and I feel like my marriage is worth working on. We also have a better understanding of each other’s feelings.”

Chelsey Hudkins, Community Support Worker (Lacombe, Alberta)*

  • 2

    What Makes Her Tick

    Discover as many as 34 characteristics of women such as:

  • The nature of their complexity and mystery.
  • Why women choose the men they do.
  • How women start, steer and end relationships.
  • What makes women happy (Listen up men!)
  • Why just listening is sometimes what she really needs from you.
  • What "safety" means to a woman and why you need to know.

“It was an amazing program! It will change how I interact with everybody. I got a lot of insight into whom, and how, women are. This will have a profound and lasting affect on how I live my life.”

Jan Bieber (male), Self-Employed (Calgary, Alberta)*

  • 3

    Harness the Energy of Giving and Receiving

    This is the missing key to a satisfying, connected relationship.

On one level, putting the natural energic flow of giving and receiving to work for you will generate connectedness and intimacy between partners. The deeper cut, however, speaks to the spiritual perfection in the design of what goes on between men and women. A few topics we’ll bring to light include:

  • The awesome power of female desire.
  • Why it’s hard for a woman to know what she wants and how to ask for it.
  • Why the bigger her desire (i.e., the more she wants) the better for everyone.
  • How to know, once and for all, what she wants.
  • Why men doubt their production…and why it’s a critical part of the Giving/Receiving cycle.
  • Why satisfying her wants should be the top priority of every man.

“The concepts presented are so astoundingly simple, yet produce simply astounding results! Thank you!”

Denise , (Banff, Alberta)*

  • 4

    Lifting the Veil on What Women Want

    The topic men love the most.

We will answer,  simply and clearly, the age-old question, “What do women want?” Men love knowing it, and women love that men know it. You will discover:

  • The top 3 things women want from the man in their life.
  • The mechanism of "female receiving" – how it looks, what it is, and what it isn’t.
  • How "what a woman wants" powers the show, and why this serves the big picture.
  • Why women should dream big! (And why they don't.)
  • How women ask for what they want.
  • How and why a satisfied, happy woman serves everyone.

“The hero knows what a woman really wants, and when he’s not guessing, he’s really a hero!”

Janet Gurtler, Writer/Member – Romance Writers Of America*

  • 5

    What A Man Wants

    Women will be surprised...and delighted!

While this is the shortest conversation of the weekend, it speaks volumes about the essence of who men are.

  • Discover the single most important thing a man wants in relationship (it's NOT what you think).
  • Understand why his list of wants is so short.
  • See the woman's role is fulfilling his wants (and guess what? There's nothing she has to "DO".)

“The best part of the program was what I learned from the men in our group. It was mind-boggling! It was momentous! I was inspired. As I write this I am planning my wedding. I’m going to marry the most beautiful, simple, walk-the-line guy (and they are ALL beautiful, simple, walk-the-line guys – we just don’t know how to treat them right!). Our relationship is uncommonly open and bright and amazing, and I owe it all to this course.”

Vickie, (Manchester, England)*
  • 6

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    De-mystifying the anger women feel beneath the surface.

There is a low-grade anger women feel that they can't quite put their finger on, and it's often directed toward men. This conversation de-mystifies where that anger comes from and why.

  • Discover the source of why women are angry.
  • Women get present to what that anger costs them so they and their partners can move forward.
  • Understanding this anger helps to transform it so it doesn't run the show.
  • Understanding her anger also gives women access to "letting men off the hook" if she chooses.
  • Deeper compassion and connection result when men understand her deep-seated anger.
  • Both men and women will enjoy peace of mind and clarity when the nature of her anger is uncloaked.

“I now have a better understanding of women and myself. I won’t take things said by women personally. As a result, I will be able to expand my awareness, in relationship with women, of their needs and desires. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for growth in their relationships and a better understanding of the role of gender in relationships.”

Paul Bedford , (Canmore, Alberta)*
  • 7

    How Women Can Disempower Men

    Women have more impact on men than women realize.

The tone of her voice, a sigh or the look in her eye can change the course of his day. Her words can be devastating. After this conversation, participants will understand:

  • The 3 ways women can take men down at the knees.
  • Men and women get peace of mind by understanding why she does this even though she doesn't like to.
  • Men will discover how to handle this when it happens without making her wrong.

“I realized during the (writer’s) workshop that I wasn’t letting my hero be heroic for my heroine in my work and in my own life.”

Vivi Anna, Author & President of Calgary Chapter - Romance Writers of America*
  • 8

    How to Have a Man Gladly Give You What You Want

    This is about everyone feeling pleased.

When women know how to ask for and receive what they want in a way that has him feel good, he will gladly produce it. Everyone wins! In this conversation you’ll find out:

  • The 3-step "A.R.T." approach to asking for, and getting, what she wants.
  • The importance of women being clear about what they want as the starting point for getting it.
  • Why "doubt" is the essential first step in a man’s process of production.

“Before the workshop I had a concern/doubt that starting our business together as a couple may not work given our past patterns of conflict. I now see that we can have an amazing business together even just by being clear on what I want and recognizing that he is willing to give me what I want. All there is for me to do is to Dance with our needs as opposed to battling with them. I would highly recommend this workshop to any couple or single who is up to creating awesome relationships with the opposite sex.”

Marie Oliver, Real Estate Associate (Lethbridge, Alberta)*
  • 9

    And, of course, there's the Saturday evening group exercise

    The Saturday evening group "Date Night" is fun and eye-opening!

While the Saturday evening "Date Night" is fun (in fact, it's generally said to be the best part of the weekend!), it is an integral (and mandatory) component of the retreat.

  • Get connected to your spouse by practicing your new skills.
  • Build new friendships with other participants.
  • It's a fun, low-pressure opportunity to put into practice right away what you discovered earlier in the day.

"Between Men and Women" Participants (July 2017)



9AM - 12PM - Session 1 (Please arrive 10 minutes early.)
12PM - 1:30PM - Lunch break (There is an exercise during this break.)
1:30PM - 5PM - Session 2
5PM - ??? - Saturday Evening Group Date Night Exercise (the exercise goes as late into the evening as participants want it to).


10AM - 12PM - Session 1 (Again, please arrive 10 minutes early.)
12PM - 1PM - Lunch (A hot lunch is served at the venue.)
1PM - 4:30PM - Session 2

1) There will be breaks throughout both days.
2) It's not possible for us to manage everyone's dietary preferences, so if you have special dietary needs, please plan accordingly.

%-age of graduates who said "Between Men and Women" would
"More than Likely" or "Very Likely" improve their relationship:


Key Benefits You Will Enjoy*...

*Results may vary.

Enjoy Uncommon Connection and Intimacy

"Between Men and Women" helps you understand your partner's world, and helps him or her understand yours. Empathy, compassion, connection and intimacy flow naturally from that understanding.

It's easy. Once you learn it, you can live it.

In fact, there's nothing to "learn". "Between Men and Women" is about understanding who you are your partner are naturally, so the material is pretty "intuitive". After all, you've been living it your whole life. Now, you will be able to live it consciously. It's a simple model that you will be able to apply in your relationship yourself without becoming dependent on us.

Exponentially Improved Communication

Hints, inuendoes, "man-speak", and "woman-ese" are all common communication strategies that are easily misunderstood, and therefore are often the source of arguments and unintended results. We shine a light on these, and we also share simple communication strategies that will allow you to avoid inadvertently provoking defensiveness and arguments.

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Participants, especially women, consistently say that "Between Men and Women" confirmed that they are not "crazy". Both men and women will come away feeling self-assured and more confident in themselves and in the future of their marriage.

Discover the Good in Any Circumstance

What you focus on is what you will see. When you spend your time focusing on the negative about your relationship and your partner, both will occur as problems. "Between Men and Women" shifts your perspective on your partner so that you see the good in them and in every circumstance. This simple change in perspective will dramatically improve the quality of your relationship.

Immediate Stress Reduction

Little in life is more stressful than a relationship that isn't working. Much of that stress comes from feeling alone and disconnected, and from unrealized expectations that stem from misunderstanding your partner and from being misunderstood. "Between Men and Women" is all about understanding one another so that you can avoid unrealistic expectations, build trust and know that you have each other's back.

Finally overcome relationship habits that failed you in the past.

Much of how we are in relationship is sort of like a habit. We fall into ways of being that eventually become the norm. Habits can be good or bad. They can also be changed. "Between Men and Women" will open your eyes to news ways of being with your partner, ways of being that will create productive and affirming habits of relating.

New Access to Working Powerfully Together

Couples need to work together to run the home, raise the kids, operate the business and in countless other ways. The understandings that come from completing "Between Men and Women" will help you optimize your ability to work effectively and peacefully together to create the lives you want.

What Our Clients Say (*Results may vary.)

Click for more testimonials.

“I received so much more from “Between Men and Women” than I thought I would. The ‘Sacred Circuit’ and its components are life changing! It is absolutely going to help our communication, how we think about relationship and each other, and how we are ‘being’ together. I feel so much positivity and gratitude for having the tools to help my marriage and other life relationships. Thank you so much Donna and Jason!”

Jodi Northcott (Caroline, Alberta)*

“Before the retreat I was feeling defeated and that my relationship was over. During the weekend I saw that men and women think very differently, and that we don’t intentionally try to hurt each other…we just don’t understand each other. Now I have renewed hope for a ‘forever relationship’, and I feel loved by him.”

Dawn Goossen (Didsbury, Alberta)*

“This retreat gave me a different perspective on our relationship. Self-awareness for me was a huge light switch being turned on…being aware that what we see or hear from one angle is not always seeing the big picture. This retreat will help me see my husband’s viewpoint.”

Leanne Schroh Retired (Cold Lake, Alberta)*

“I was in a pretty uncomfortable place in my marriage prior to the retreat. ‘Between Men and Women’ has given me a full understanding of clear communication and the benefits of truly showing up in my relationship with a positive attitude. I feel like my husband and I can truly take on anything the world throws at us now.”

Crystal Hellman Stay-at-Home Mom and Hairstylist (Fox Valley, Saskatchewan)*

“I was unsure what to expect coming into the weekend. However, an hour into it I knew it was going to be a game changer. Jason and Donna were great.”

Shawn Nickerson Manager (Red Deer, Alberta)*

“I was very hopeful coming into the retreat. I wasn’t sure if our relationship could be helped. I saw that changing our communication was the most powerful way to improve our marriage. Now I feel more committed and more connected to my wife. I believe that this retreat will continue to improve our marriage for years to come.”

Jason Hellman Ag Farm Manager (Fox Valley, Saskatchewan)*

“‘Between Men and Women’ has set an honest, clean tone for my partnership. I know how to be clear with my requests and how to approve of my partner. It’s a ‘win-win’ for us both! All couples should take this workshop.”

Cheryl Fraser Self-employed (Canmore, Alberta)*

“I will be happier having done this course. This program has helped me clarify my most powerful areas of contribution in my relationship, how to empower Mike, and especially the importance of dreaming my dreams, being happy and being good to myself.”

Linda Hopp Marketing Associate (Langdon, Alberta)*

“I came into the retreat feeling disconnected from my spouse. After being presented with crucial differences on the thought patterns of men and women, a light bulb turned on inside my head. Applying the skills taught will definitely improve not only my marriage, but all relationships in general. Thank you Jason and Donna!”

Linda Nowak Esthetician / Business Owner (Lethbridge, Alberta)*

“Coming into the retreat, I was confused and unsure if there was any way we could fix our marriage. To me, our issues seemed impossible to resolve. Now, I’m very relieved that I have clarity and a very positive outlook on the future of our relationship.”

Jordon Northcott (Caroline, Alberta)*

“Prior to taking this retreat, our relationship may have been at it’s end. Now I feel we have tools to save and renew it, and to go forward in a new and better direction.”

L.B. (male) Machinist (Edmonton, Alberta)*

“Throughout the 2 days I was amazed at how little I knew of how women think. The assumptions I was making was like adding gasoline to a fire. I believe if I use half the stuff I learned, I will be in a ‘new’ relationship with my wife.”

Glenn Costello (Turner Valley, Alberta)*

“Hearing how we communicate on a physiological level was a really big piece for me. It helps me understand ways that I can become a better partner in our life together.”

Diane Tilson (Coaldale, Alberta)*

“This retreat was just the right thing at the right time for me. Our home life was a struggle and spiraling downwards to the point that we would have separated. Because of the retreat I have gained a new perspective and renewed energy to do more to create a stronger relationship with my spouse and become happier in the process. These two days will definitely be the motivator to a more positive future for us. My sincere thank you!”

Terry Schroh Retired*

“As a senior sales rep I’ve taken lots of courses and seminars. On a scale from 1 to 10, many rate about 3 or 4, and a few reach 6 or 7. This one is definitely a 12 or 14.”

Mike Muhr Sales Rep (Francis, Saskatchewan)*

“I came into the retreat with some confusion about what I thought were small issues. It turns out they may have been small, but the impact those issues had on my relationship was massive. I left feeling confident and relieved that I can make our relationship more fun and that it’s okay to have our differences as long as I hold up my end of the promises I make.”

Jason Tanghe Power Engineer (Medicine Hat, Alberta)*

“When you take this workshop, you will get back on track immediately. You will rediscover yourself and your relationship. ‘Between Men and Women’ defines a common way of communicating with the people we interact with everyday. Be in action – take this workshop!”

Becky O’Donnell Innkeeper (Banff Boutique Inn – Banff, Alberta)*

“When I was coming to the retreat I was a bit apprehensive. I shouldn’t have been. The experience was amazing. Donna and Jason did a fabulous job of creating a safe environment where I could explore my relationship goals and create a toolbox to help me moving forward. I have an amazing husband, and I intend to commit to peace and success.”

Tracy Tanghe Social Work Manager (Medicine Hat, Alberta)*



$147 VALUE

Little in relationship outranks communication in importance.

That's why, after your "Between Men and Women" Couples Relationship Retreat, you will receive this powerful 75-minute audio in which Donna explains 6 common communication pitfalls that can drive a wedge between couples and stop conversations in their tracks.

After listening to this audio, you will:

  1. Hear, and be heard, in all your important conversations.
  2. Know how to avoid common triggers that automatically provoke defensiveness.
  3. Know how to protect, honour and respect your partner with the words you choose.
  4. Maintain your relationship as a safe and clean space.
  5. Avoid damaging power struggles. 


$147 VALUE

"Clean communication" is saying what's there for you, and letting your partner do the same, while preserving your own integrity, and maintaining respect and love for your spouse.

This 60-minute audio will show you how to avoid unconsciously using your communication as a weapon by:

  1. Learning how to stick to the facts in your conversations.
  2. Discovering how to own your feelings.
  3. Expressing what you need responsibly.
  4. Making positive and actionable requests.



We are committed to supporting you before, during and after your "Between Men and Women" Couples Relationship Retreat.

This 1-on-1 Discovery Call takes place 1-2 weeks before your chosen retreat. Donna will speak with each individual separately. The purpose of the 1-hour** call is to:

  1. Understand your situation.
  2. Learn what you want to get from your weekend so Donna can ensure your goals are addressed.
  3. Answer any questions or concerns you have about how the weekend will go.

We will contact you as the retreat approaches to request a few times that will be convenient for Donna to call you.

**The length of this call varies. Sixty minutes is a guideline. The actual length may be longer or shorter depending on your needs.

"Between Men and Women" Retreats Open for Registration:

MARCH 10-11, 2018 (Canmore, Alberta)
(Registration Open!)


Join us in March for the "Between Men and Women" Couples Communication Retreat at the Solara Resort and Spa in the beautiful Rocky Mountain resort town of Canmore, Alberta.  

What it Costs

Price / Couple Plus GST
$997OR Deposit of $200/Couple plus GST
    Questions? Call 403-455-9351.


    1. If you are securing your spots with the $210 deposit, the balance is due 30 days later or 14 days before the start of your retreat. 
    2. See the bottom of this page for our refund and cancellation policies. 


    1. 15 hours of conversational-style content over two days.
    2. Refreshments throughout the weekend.
    3. Hot catered lunch on Sunday.
    4. $390 worth of Bonus Content to provide additional support before and after your retreat (See above for details. The communication programs are emailed to you after completing the retreat to ensure you get maximum value from them.).

    NOTE: Prices do not include travel costs or the cost of accommodations. Each participant is responsible for arranging accommodations and travel to and from the venue. Please see the bottom of this page for our "365- Day Value Guarantee" and our "Refund / Cancellation" policy.


    All the basic information about the retreat (dates, prices, etc.) is available on this page. If you think this retreat might be a fit for you, and you have questions about how it applies to your specific circumstances, you can have all your questions answered by calling Donna at (403) 455-9351.

    Alternatively, you can email Donna at Please include your name and a brief description of your situation.

    Please note:

    • Speaking with Donna does not obligate you to register.
    • If after speaking with Donna, you choose to register for an upcoming retreat, Donna or Jason can take your payment details by phone. Your registration will usually be processed the same day. Your payment (either the full amount or the non-refundable deposit) guarantees your spot in the retreat for your chosen date.
    • After you have registered, you will be emailed a receipt and a “Participant Checklist” that outlines everything you need to know to have a great experience.
    • Also, please review the "Refund / Cancellation Policy" and our "365-Day Value Guarantee" at the bottom of this page.

    Meet Your Facilitators

    DONNA TOSKY, Relationship Coach

    JASON KRAUSERT, Production Manager

    Donna is committed to supporting men and women in finding peace, connection, trust and fun in their marriage or committed relationship. She does this by educating clients about who they and their partners are naturally as men and women. When men and women are comfortable with their natural perfection, and that of their partner, mutual empathy, connection and compassion are the automatic results.

    “The workshop is not about changing people, ‘fixing’ anything or laying blame. You can’t change who you are, and there's no need to fix what's already perfect. It’s about waking up to what’s already there…to what’s been working for you all along,” she says. Clients that participate in her workshops consistently report breakthrough results in the areas of compassion, self esteem and acceptance for themselves and others.

    Jason Krausert, Production ManagerAs a couples money coach Jason understands the stress and frustration couples feel around their finances. He actively supports Donna in making the Between Men and Women model available to people because he knows first-hand the difference it can make in this area, as well as in producing other critical results for couples including improved communication; refreshing their connection; relieving relationship stress; raising kids; overcoming past relationship patterns and habits that fail people; and allowing couples to work well together  in life, relationship and business.

    When Jason was first exposed to the “Between Men and Women” Retreat in February of 2007 he immediately saw it as a way to contribute to others living their full potential and to their having access to a relationship that is fun and easy.

    Jason says, “Relationship is more than what most people realize. It’s an active, vital, energic resource for creating your life, one that rests at people’s fingertips. Our retreats are about giving people awareness of that resource so they can use it to promote well-being, as well as satisfaction, freedom and power in life.”


    Between Men and Women programs are driven by a dedication to our clients, their families and their well-being. Our values include:

    • Integrity
    • Contribution
    • Trustworthiness
    • Quality

    These values are reflected in our mission which includes:


    Full refunds (less the $100 / person non-refundable deposit) are available for registrations cancelled within 10 days of registering. After 10 days, no refunds are available. Registrations received within 14 days of the start of your program must be paid in full at registration and are non-refundable. Payments already received prior to cancellation will be credited to a future program. Due to limited space, the number of transferees is limited to 1 couple per retreat. The placement of transferees, therefore, is at the program provider’s direction.

    Cancelling, Rescheduling or Postponing a Retreat by Organizers

    Organizers make every and all efforts to ensure retreats and other events are carried out as scheduled. Organizers, however, reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or postpone a retreat when very rare circumstances outside of their control create that necessity. Such circumstances include but are not limited to:

    1. a minimum attendance is not reached;
    2. natural disasters (including but not limited to floods, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, severe weather, or other natural threats to the safety of organizers and participants);
    3. threats to public health and safety as announced by government and other public security officials;
    4. cancellation of an event reservation by the retreat's venue;
    5. Serious personal health conditions that result in the hospitalization of, or otherwise incapacitate the facilitator(s).

    In such rare instances, organizers will attempt to provide as much advanced notice of the change in the retreat's schedule as possible. Registrations already received at the time of cancellation, rescheduling or postponement will be transferred to the next scheduled retreat, or another retreat that fits the participant's schedule. No refunds will be processed except in exceptional circumstances. Organizers will not be responsible for reimbursing airfare, accommodations or other travel related expenses that participants may incur as a result of, or have already incurred prior to the cancellation, rescheduling or postponement of an event. For this reason, we suggest that participants who must travel to attend a retreat purchase travel cancellation insurance from their service provider.


    We cannot guarantee a specific outcome for your relationship since that depends on your own commitment and the degree to which you apply what you discover in your life and relationship. If a registrant feels he or she did not receive value from the program they can request a refund in writing, within 365 days of completing the entire program. Organizers will verify program completion before granting refunds. Refunds will equal $1499 plus GST for private intensive programs; $797 plus GST for couples attending the small group retreat; and $497 plus GST for singles attending the small group retreat. The refund policy reflects the fact that this is an information product that cannot be “put back on the shelf” and re-sold if it is returned. Refunds only apply to the intensive / retreat registration price and do not include accommodation / travel costs incurred.

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