What Can a Stroke Teach Us About Having a Strong Relationship?


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Brain researcher, Jill Bolte Taylor, studied her own stroke as it happened. She came away with some truly profound insights into human consciousness and our spiritual inter-connectedness.

Of course, Donna and I couldn’t help but notice the analogy to men and women. Jill talks about how the left brain keeps us grounded and connected to the world. It keeps us physical and able to operate day-to-day. The right brain, on the other hand, lets us experience spirit, motion and emotion…the sweetness, drama and wonder of life. The corpus callosum connects the two and allows people to have a full and balanced experience.

By analogy, in a strong relationship, men are the left brain – grounded and happiest when producing in the world – and women are the right brain – enjoying experience, motion and swinging out. Men are the rock, women are the sweet nectar. The corpus callosum of relationship, if you will, is the powerful energy flow between men and women, one that allows them to have a fuller experience of life when together than is possible alone. Like the two halves of the brain, the differences between men and women are perfectly complementary. The two “separate” parts serve the whole.

Is this coincidence? Is it holographic, where all of life is a reflection of itself? What do you think? Watch Jill’s powerful presentation and then share your thoughts below. We’d love to hear from you.

(Filmed during the 2008 TED Conference and sourced from YOUTUBE.COM) (approx. 19 minutes).


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