Valentine’s Day 101 (Pt 1 – For Women) – The Wonder of Who You Are

Now don’t panic! Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away. If you’re worried about it being “just another day”…just another “night out” like all the rest…we have your back. This is the first post in a three-part mini-teaching we call “Valentine’s Day 101: How to Make Married Dating with Your Spouse ‘POP’ !” Each post will introduce[…]

Valentine’s Day 101 (Pt 2 – For Women) – How to Ask for What You Want So You Both Win

In part 1 of this series, we reminded you that you are Desire, and that the more you express it, the better you and everyone around you feels. We also asked you to make a big list…the bigger the better…of what you want to do that would make this Valentine’s Day the best one ever.[…]

Valentine’s Day 101 (Pt 3 – Women) – The Simple Secret to a Happy Husband

So ladies…What’s the secret to a happy husband, who is motivated in life and WANTS to do more for you, not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday? Well, that’s what this post is about. First, here’s a quick recap… Having an amazing Valentine’s Day isn’t that difficult. So far in this mini-teaching we’ve affirmed the importance[…]

Valentine’s Day 101 (Pt 3 – For Men) – The Most Important Practice of Your Relationship

Guys…If you miss this third and final tip of this series, having a happy marriage could be tricky. Nothing else is quite as important. Just sayin… (If you haven’t had a chance to read parts 1 and 2 of the series, make sure you find those emails and check them out. But before you go[…]

Valentine’s Day 101 (Pt 1 – For Men) – How to Make Married Dating With Your Spouse POP!

We all want to have a fun marriage. Does Valentine’s day have you wringing your hands? Does the nervous anticipation have you wiping the sweat from your brow? You’re not alone! Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, so it’s crunch time. If you’re wondering how to make this a special one for her, we’re[…]

Valentine’s Day 101 (Pt 2 – For Men) – This One’s About Who You Are At Your Core.

Okay guys….Today’s mini-teaching should be easy because it’s all about who you are at your very core – your essence as a man. How you receive her requests allows her to be free. How you produce the request is your time to shine. (By the way, if you haven’t read part 1 of the series on[…]

How Your Solution Can Become Her Problem

Guys, if you’re wondering how to “fix my marriage”, you know it can be confusing. For instance, have you ever wondered how, what you thought was the perfect solution to a problem your wife was having actually made things worse? On New Years Eve Donna and I went to see La La Land, the Golden[…]

How to Get What You Want From Your Marriage

A woman’s self-expression and role in society has never seen so much transformation as it has in the past 50 years. Never have women had so much ability to exercise their own independence, freedom and competence. The women’s movement has indeed made big strides that have moved modern women forward, but are their relationships unknowingly[…]

3 Tips to Keep the Merry in Your Marriage this Christmas

Every year marriages and relationships are tested by the Christmas season. It’s a high pressure time of year in many ways. Frustration, overwhelm and dashed expectations can erode connection and trust. January is one of the busiest times of year for divorce lawyers. When you come together as a team, however, it can be magical[…]

Will This Couples Retreat Fix My Marriage… or My Partner?

Can a couples retreat fix my marriage? It certainly can if you’re committed to it! If you’re thinking about a couples retreat to rejuvenate your relationship, keep reading for an important tip that can help you get great results. We all want to have the best in the area of relationship and marriage. Who doesn’t?[…]

Do You Want a Happy Marriage or Be Right?

Setting the stage for a happy marriage is what the “Between Men and Women” Alberta Couples Retreat is all about. A common obstacle to a happy marriage is when one or both partners are “stuck” in wanting to be “right”. One partner does, says or believes something, and the other partner can’t let go of[…]

Fix my relationship

How to “Fix My Relationship” with a Simple Exercise

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I fix my relationship?”, or “How can I improve intimacy and connection in my marriage?”, try this simple exercise. Positive attention along with a good solid strategy for sustainability can get you there. They can prevent your relationship from ending up as another divorce statistic. The honeymoon stage is[…]

Effective Communication in Marriage

How to Have Effective Communication in Marriage

Effective communication in marriage makes everything easier and more rewarding. Learning to ask for what you want is a key practice for sustaining a healthy and satisfying relationship. Over time, frustration and disappointment set in when we’re not getting our needs met. We start living in a sea of blame where no one can do[…]

How a Loss Masquerades as a Win?

Over the weekend, we had a question from a client that was related to addictions. Addictions wreak havoc on relationships. Understanding how an addiction can occur as a win to men won’t stop the addictive behaviour. It may, however, help spouses generate empathy and compassion at times when the relationship is being tested. This client[…]

Happy Marriages are Built on This

Happy marriages and relationships are created by individual moments and the choices we make between those moments. The choices we make determine our experience and reflect what we are committed to. In other words, the results you have in your relationship are directly related to your commitments, so be sure that what you are in[…]

[Video] A Happy Marriage is Ahead

Creating a happy marriage is about looking ahead. So often when things get difficult in relationship, we wish we could go back to when things were good. Of course, we can’t actually go back. Donna made the following video when we visited her home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba. In it, she reminds us that a[…]

Money and Marriage: How to Have the “Talk”

Money and marriage is an important topic. Financial troubles are the source of a lot of problems in marriage. What do you think is the source of a lot of money troubles between partners? A major source of financial difficulties is an inability to talk about money. Studies show that couples that are able to[…]

Are You This Type of Woman?

The person who originally posted this on Pinterest said reading it made her cry, and she didn’t know why. We do… It made her cry because it’s who she really is…and society tells her its not okay. That’s why she has to “admit it”. The truth is she…and every woman…should be celebrating that “IT”. Women[…]

[RETREAT] How to Eliminate Stress in Marriage

What are three of the leading causes of stress in marriage, and how can you eliminate stress in marriage? That’s a tall order, but with certain key understandings it’s possible. Finances, parenting and communication (not necessarily in that order) cause so much stress because they are so important. The common denominator in each of them[…]

A Happy Relationship Has Purpose

Justin Bieber’s new album, “Purpose”, is being released on November 13. In pre-release interviews Bieber explains how lonely it can be on tour and that he often feels depressed. “People see the glam and the amazing stuff, but they don’t know the other side. This life can rip you apart…I just want people to know[…]

Commitment Makes the Difference in Marriage. Here’s What It Looks Like.

If you are unsatisfied in your marriage, yet you are committed to enjoying a happy relationship, half the battle is already won. Being committed is about not giving up. It’s about valuing your relationship more than you value being right. It’s about acknowledging that your partner’s perspective is valid, even if you don’t agree with[…]

The Critical Missing That Has Women Not Get What They Want in Relationship

Have you ever wondered why women in relationship don’t get what they want from their guy? One of the reasons is that she is focused on…well…not getting what she wants from her guy. That focus generates an energy of frustration, anger, blame, or even victim hood. As a result, he pulls back. If you want[…]

How to Fix the No. 1 Cause of Arguments in Marriage

Here’s what you have to do to fix one of, if not THE, leading underlying cause of arguments in marriages and relationships. Understanding this single, yet critical element can make a huge difference. So here it is… Men and women think differently. We say we know this, but when push comes to shove, we wonder[…]

To Understand Women, Try This

Understanding women is a laudable, though near impossible goal for men in relationship. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s just how it is. It’s one of those cosmic jokes that keeps life and relationships interesting. You see, men and women operate with different forms of logic. Or more accurately, men and women both have access[…]

Do You Practice this Closely-Guarded Secret to Transforming Your Marriage?

This one trick can transform your relationship or marriage, once you commit to it. Like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, this secret can “shapeshift” your relationship from what it is to what you know is possible. The best part is that you are 100% in control, so success is guaranteed if you are committed to[…]

Avoiding this Naughty ‘J’ Word Keeps Her Shining Brightly in Relationship

This one key activity can turn a woman’s “light” out and prevent her from sprinkling her magic in her marriage and the world. What is it? Judgement. In the absence of judgement…when a woman is free to be who she is, to feel how she feels and to want what she wants…her life force, vitality and energy[…]

How to Find the Ease and Comedy in Relationship

At the start of this past weekend’s Between Men and Women Couples Relationship Retreat we asked participants their goals for the weekend…what do they want for themselves and their relationship? One participant said, amongst other things, that she wanted “to get the comedy in it all”…just what is, free of drama and significance. I loved[…]

The Power of Connection and Dedication in a Marriage

Can you imagine, over the course of a 67 year marriage, how many opportunities there would be to be positional about something? To be right and to have your partner be wrong? The longevity of this couple’s marriage, and of their enduring life-long commitment, was clearly not due to the absence of these opportunities. Over 67 years,[…]

The Secret to a Long, Happy Marriage from a Quarter Centenarian Couple

25 years is a long time. Last weekend Donna and I went up to Edmonton to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law’s 25th wedding anniversary. Sean and Janet were high school sweethearts. They were married at 20 years old. They have two amazing kids. I have never heard Sean or Janet raise their voices to each other or to[…]

When the Best Action Is No Action At All (Video)

“It’s Not About the Nail” Sometimes the “fix” is just in listening. It’s more important than most men realise, because it goes against a man’s natural tendency to fix through action. Women are all about connection, so often a man’s “win” with her is in listening and being present. Enjoy, and leave a comment below to[…]

The Secret to Resurrecting the Sizzle Factor in Relationship

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get back to how it was when you first got together? That sizzle…that energy…that excitement…that passion? And this isn’t just about sex. It’s not even mostly about sex. It’s about that way of being in life together. Re-establishing it can be especially difficult after being[…]

A Simple Trick for Returning to Innocence in Your Relationship

I have two cards on my desk in my office. Both are from Donna. One is a entitled “For my Guy”. It’s very cool. The other has on its front a simple black and white photo of a young boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old, with his arm around a little, frizzy-haired girl as[…]

Discover the Power of Your Love Language

The words we direct towards ourselves and others are more powerful than most people know. Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, did an experiment to demonstrate this. He filled three jars of rice with water. To one jar, he said, “Thank you.” To a second jar, he said, “You’re an idiot.” And the third jar, he[…]

"Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate." ~Barnett R. Brickner

“To Be, or Not To Be”…Actually, You Already Are

So what does it mean to be the “right” mate? The above quote seems to suggest that being the right mate requires changing to become someone different than you currently are. For Donna and me, we believe there is nothing you need to change. You’re already perfect. There’s nothing to fix. You are as you[…]

Make Relationship Success a Habit

Have you ever wondered why, when we are doing something that isn’t working for us, we take so long before making a change? Curious isn’t it. We stay in jobs we don’t like for years. We live in homes or communities we don’t like far longer than we want to. Similarly, we keep doing things[…]

The Space Between Men and Women

The space between men and women, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, gets muddled and messy…by hurts, misunderstandings, regrets, disappointments, hurried lifestyles, illness, unsatisfied expectations and so many other things. What Donna and I love about what we do…about the Between Men and Women retreats…is that it cleans up that space by giving people freedom[…]

Relationship Lessons from Mom and Dad

It was my Dad’s birthday a couple weeks ago, so I went up to Edmonton for a birthday dinner (15oz. lobster tails if you can imagine it!! Mmmmm…). Every time I see my parents, I am pleasantly reminded that they are one of those couples… a couple that has such an amazing relationship it leaves people[…]

“We” Think Therefore “We” Are

During the week of June 16, 2013, heavy rains resulted in widespread flooding that devastated communities across southern Alberta. Out of the destruction, displacement and loss came an interesting thing…Community. Where the Heck Am “I”? What really stood out for Donna and me in     the days and weeks following the flood was the[…]

Dance and Death Shine Spotlight on Domestic Abuse

This past weekend was a moving one for Donna and me. On the one hand, Donna’s daughter Jordan, performed with a group of dedicated young dancers to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities faced by women around the world. We’re really proud of her. That experience was juxtaposed against our learning of the recent suicide of[…]

What Can a Stroke Teach Us About Having a Strong Relationship?

Brain researcher, Jill Bolte Taylor, studied her own stroke as it happened. She came away with some truly profound insights into human consciousness and our spiritual inter-connectedness. Of course, Donna and I couldn’t help but notice the analogy to men and women. Jill talks about how the left brain keeps us grounded and connected to[…]

Valentine’s Day Challenge…Ya’ Up for It?

A couple Valentines Days ago I challenged myself to make it a special one for Donna. I decided to turn Valentines Day into Valentines Week. The week before Valentines Day I gave Donna a Valentines Day card everyday. Some were funny, some were heart-ticklers, some were a little risque.  I also gave Donna a gift[…]

3 Tips for Making Relationships Less Stressful

Relationship stress is everywhere today, hence the 45% divorce rate. It can also affect your health and well-being. Providing practical tips for managing this stress is what this post is about. So what’s the big deal about relationship stress?… Not too long ago we shared with you a blog post called “Waiting Until It’s Bad[…]

Happy Relationships Depend on This

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Try this. Go look at yourself in a mirror. What do you see? What are the first things you notice? What catches your attention? How do you feel about it? Really…go do it right now. We’ll wait here for you to come back… What do you regularly focus on about[…]

Is Your Happy Marriage a Priority?

One morning awhile back, while sipping on our morning coffee-hot chocolate, Donna and I found an article in the Globe and Mail newspaper about 2 psychologists in California that are using magnetic resonance imaging to study the brains of couples that are still passionately in love after at least 20 year of marriage. One comment that caught[…]

Dion and Pavarotti Sing About the Dance Between Men and Women

This classic by Celine Dion and Luciano Pavarotti truly conveys just how it is between men and women…the push, the pull, the frustration, the passion and the perfection of it all. Do you see the dynamic they sing about in your relationship? Leave a comment below. Enjoy! Source: YouTube “I Hate You Then I Love[…]

Woman Brings Man to Purpose and Light

Two things stand out for us in this 1970’s hit from Gerry Rafferty. First, it speaks to the sense of purpose and focus women give men. Rafferty sings, “You brought me into the light Threw away all those crazy dreams I put them all behind And it was you woman Right down the line” Second,[…]

Want a Happy Relationship? “Mind” this Insidious Obstacle

If our “mind talk” was real we would all be hooped. So why do we give it so much power? Probably because we think it’s real, rather than just a habit. Probably because we think it actually reflects our life, when in fact it creates it. Probably because it justifies our position – its proof[…]

Why Wait Until Things Are Bad Enough?

Awhile back I had a phone conversation with a potential client, “Mary”, that I’ll never forget. “Jody”, a close friend of Mary’s, had completed the “Between Men and Women” Couples Wellness Weekend a few weeks previous. Jody recommended it to Mary because she knew the problems Mary and her husband had been having over their[…]

Another Perfect Gender Moment…TRUST Me

Like a lot of couples who go into business together, Donna and I had trust “issues” to overcome when we started the “Between Men and Women” Workshop. Usually when people talk about having “trust issues” in relationship – whether it be in business relationships or romantic relationships – it’s assumed they are talking about being[…]